What can 10kB do?

A mechanical bird – creature with featureless breasts, cast in bronze against an orange haze.


Note: having said my piece with the past fifty updates, I’ve earned myself a break. My pride and joy is now Kratzen, the only magazine that covers indie games as they come out. There’s no need to wait on me; I’m focusing all my efforts on Kratzen. But for all the beauty I made with this site? It will not die. But I am taking a break from it; expect an announcement when it comes back.

Reader: I cannot tell you what to do. I cannot tell you how to feel. But I have to make a recommendation. If you’re going to view one artist this week, you cannot do any better than Zenirix. Everything she makes is that spot – on once – a – year blend of technical skill and unfiltered sincerity that viewing any of her works makes me want to know how it was made, the background behind it, and as much as I can about the artist who did.

There are very few digital artists who I can look at and feel the same excitement for their work as I did the very first time. It is the nature of art to be temporary, a product of their time, and to be a fragment of the culture that created it. We curators constantly seek out fresh blood to make sure that our tastes never grow stale, that our art collections are never dull, and to make sure that we never fall out of love of this silly little pasttime we chose to be obsessed with.

I cannot force your hand on anything. I can’t make you see how I see; this art gallery is a testament to my tastes and my tastes along. There are many artists who I like — even love a little. Goshaag, Shane Frost, and Trout are but three I’ve featured, and are three that I list among my excellent inspirations. But Zenirix is one of my absolute favourite artists, and I have been struggling as to why in the world that is.

I don’t do mob mentality. I don’t follow what other people follow, for there is too much on this Earth to do what the rest do. Zenirix isn’t a traditionally popular artist; how did I even find her? Oh, yeah. This pic. I feel shame in looking at it — I just know I will find flaws in it. But to lie in a field and listen to a friend pour her heart out, with casual capes and chokers and eyes like jewels with shades like silk, is beauty. I’ve defined beauty before. It applies here.

I would like to make more definitions so that I may make sense of more of her work, because there are reasons why I admire it so, and I have yet to see those reasons come to light. I fear though, at the same time I know though, I will grow older and no longer admire her. It has happened with many artists. My tastes grow. My experience in art, expands. And as the culture changes, so too do I, and I feel that I will never understand why I liked what I did in the past for favour of trying to understand why I do now. Is this why I made this gallery? To make some sense out of what I like? Or is it to help you make sense out of your tastes?

I’m sorry. I can’t talk at length about her pieces. I will say this isn’t her best — and trust me for I have seen it. I will say that there are many privileges I have that I do not want to give up, and are among other reasons I still keep in touch with this gallery as well as Kratzen. One: the privilege to share work despite copyright. Two: the privilege to live to see the arts flourish. Three: the privilege to earn the skill to express why I like what I like. As I earn them, I will die happy.

Date: 2017 – 04 – 03. Size: 4,519 bytes. Colours: 4.

Upscaled Dimensions: 507×636. Original Dimensions: 169×212.

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