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The 10kB Gallery is art within 10,000 bytes. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. And if you can't make it here… welcome to the club.

This website is a celebration of positive cultural trends, while providing a thrashing against the negative ones. The art of the now shows more care and affection for our world than the art that has preceded it, and it is exciting to see the young artists who create it. At the same time, the Web is a delicate place, and is only as good as those who make the sites. The majority of programmers make shoddy work, adding in garbage where none need be, and failing to perform even basic optimisations on their websites. To wit, they are incompetent.

No longer will laziness prevail, so long as I am in charge! This website celebrates small filesizes and reasonable design, creating not just a website that is beautiful to look at, but whose code is just as excellent. The gallery shows how much can be made with ten kilobytes, an amount equivalent to poverty in today's world, and how much there is to appreciate in the art of optimisations. The result is a website that can be shown in less than a second on dial–up — including pictures.

This website is yours. Pirate it, break it, and do whatever you want with it. All art deserves to be free, because for it to be freely released to the world, and not be freely used by the world, is a Kafkaesque construction. Copyright does not protect you. Instead, it harms those who want to use your work by forcing them to self–censor for fear of punishment. You will notice I have dedicated this work to the public domain, so know that I'm serious: do whatever the FUCK you want.

By the way, message me on Neocities, and view with Ubuntu Fonts. Cheers!


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