Time to scream:

Note: It should be said I made these profiles when I was starting out this Froge with a Bloge, so I pretty much never go on them anymore. Besides, I was lynched from FurAffinity for having the audacity to support free culture. Proles, the lot of them…

The terrifying thing about the Internet? It's everywhere! Just like this gallery, actually. So if you're looking to make trouble or just have a casual shitposting time, go ahead and check out these fine links.

Also, I can't respond to everything! For a speedy reply, leave a comment on my Neocities page, use my e–mail at, or send a message on an account I upload on (e926). Other websites may lead to a substantial delay. is the only place I can upload works, thanks to its generous regulations. Even then, I may only upload furry works, seeing as that's its specialty. There's an alternate URL which leads to anything that would be rated "questionable" or "explicit", though anything that would be rated such would not appear on this website. I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.

DeviantART (link removed since I deleted the account, although the username is mentioned in this paragraph, so whatever) is a hotbed of controversy and entitlement, and so I only use that site to message users and watch them get buttflustered how I'm using their work that I'm NOT ALLOWED TO DISTRIBUTE, EDIT, OR MODIFY IN ANY WAY. In addition, restrictive rules ban derivative works such as hosted here. For such an old site, I was surprised the username "10kb" wasn't already taken. Lucky me!

Furaffinity is for messaging only. You're noticing a pattern here, aren't you? Due to the harsher restrictions of Furaffinity, I may not upload my work there, so it's strictly used as a messaging service. I need permission from the copyright holder? Ain't nobody got time for all that paperwork!

This is a list of sites we do not have an official account on, and any such accounts are impersonators:

Twitter, despite being the mecca for absolute bints, is still a popular service for artists (especially in Japan). While there is zero need to make an account to view work, Twitter's surprisingly generous copyright policy means I'd be unlikely to be punished for uploading work there. Unfortunately Twitter decides to ban Tor users until they provide a phone number, and we all know what that means…

Tumblr, due to requiring a Yahoo account, which is complete overkill for a social network that specialises in dank memes and obscure art. In addition, I was addicted to Tumblr when I was younger, so I'm not riding that crazy train again. All messages will be delivered anonymously or through alternate memes. And if a message can't be delivered — it's their loss!

Pixiv is 2japanese5me; while I have nothing against it (except for "free culture" being meaningless in Japan), I sadly have misplaced those three thousand hours I would have spent learning Japanese wanking off. I'm also pretty sure the same country that treats filesharing like black tar heroin wouldn't want some dumbass foreigner coming along and telling people it's hip to copy. There's a difference between being bold and being stupid!

Inkbunny once again has restrictive policies banning derivative works. The idea that a website can control the culture it hosts is fucking laughable to me, showing a special type of arrogance and ignorance of the law that does little more than harm their business. Then again, I didn't want to be on Inkbunny anyway; even with blacklists, the "cub" fetishism is too much to stomach.

Facebook is the cancer of the Internet. It's a hotbed of narcissism and depression, where people project their ideal lives in the hope that other people will admire them — not just for the politicians who use the service, but for absolutely everybody. Many social networks follow its practice of deliberately getting users addicted through psychologically abusive practices, which Facebook started. But it's 2017, so you already knew that, right?

2nchan: no.