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High quality shit:

We feature the most deserving work… 10,000 bytes or under. It turns out there's a lot you can do with that.

The work in this humble gallery is picked from hundreds of sources, or at least will be in a few months when this statement is actually accurate, most of which independent artists (because they don't have the resources to sue) and the rest of which made to spite big business (because they don't know who to sue). All of which are altered to fit within the 10,000 byte limit, and make this blog seem somewhat legitimate as opposed to a way to hide my porn (editors note: there is zero porn on this site. well, conventional porn).

The reasoning behind my choice of pictures is simple. Whenever I look at something I want to showcase here, I ask myself: am I better off now than before I saw it? It's a simple question, with so many directions to go in. Am I more learned for having thought about it? Have I seen a new part of our culture I've never seen before? If I am to write about it, would the writing give somebody something to think about?

What about beauty? If a work is so awe–inspiring that I have to bring attention to it, then it belongs here as well. If something is constructed so excellently, and with such care, that it deserves to be seen, then I will make sure it gets its proper attention. And if the whole idea that an extraordinarily complex work can fit into such a small space, that a work that nobody would think would be possible to shove under this data limit, is then shoved under that data limit… then that deserves to be shared, too.

So why 10,000 bytes? Because to feature so much knowledge, so much beauty, into such a small space, is a demonstration of just what we can do within our limits should be put our mind to it. Because data compression is something anybody can do, and creates an appreciation for the arts like never before. Because it's a part of another culture, the hacker culture, and the right to break things that aren't yours to create even greater things.

To summarise, how do you get featured on this site? You earn it.

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