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That fucking Froge:

Let's fill in the blanks, kids: Froge is a Furry Fuck who Loves Art and Hard Work. He is a Bisexual Nerd who Likes to Live and Appreciates his Privileges. Yeah, this is about as dry as an Achewood comic, isn't it?

The name comes from a corruption of the word "frog", which incidentally was a shitty 4chan meme some time back, but I'm not judging. It's an incredibly rare name, making it good for branding, though one that doesn't show up on search results, meaning the entire point of having a rare name goes out the bloody window.

But whatever. His previous work may be found at Froghand, which is a truly massive blog full of truly massive articles, with work reaching into tens of thousands of words. If that's too long for you… welcome to the reason I made this gallery. The first byte is with the eyes, and when the eyes say "fuck, I'm not reading all that", then it's time to make a new site.

And then there's the Degenerates, a small art collective, which I happen to be the founder of, no big deal. If you like what I do here, you'll like what we do there! What do we do? Change our culture, drip by drip, until one day we start to matter. Worked for Nintendo. And a few others, too, but there's no need to brag.

You may find him absolutely nowhere else. Not to say I'm not there, but you'll just never see me. His personal e–mail is froghand@protonmail.ch. For issues related to the blog itself, please see the the contact page (or just e–mail 10kb@protonmail.ch).

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