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So here we have a shit–ton of data. Everything like colours and sizes and titles and anything else which may be used to describe cocks.

While there's no cocks over here (to the disappointment of the webmaster), art is really just one big floppy dong foreshadowing society, waiting for somebody to come along and [editors note: redacted pursuant to § 163.1.3]. These spreadsheets document every piece of data related to the art posted here, sans the aforementioned "device".

Because viewing ten thousand entries at once is just too much, these will be split into one hundred series of one hundred entries, which does make ten thousand and yet is not all at once and therefore is no longer too much.

Individual entries have their own CSV files for your data sorting needs. Once a month, they will be combined into one massive file posted on this page.

Current series: 00.


00 · 01 (soon!)