A full body picture of a brown and white anime deer wearing goggles kneeling on an invisible object and looking back.

Deer Butt

This cutie–poot deer boot was made thanks to Zoe Trentacles (NSFW), who immediately regretted their decision of making a blog about a dominatrix dog while they, too, do not like being dominated. Special shout–outs to Alfa995, who created this nerdy doe character… named Doe.

Maybe it's the simplicity of the drawing and all its chocolate colours that had lead me to hacking it — gradients so subtle smattered with expressions so sincere and a pose so unashamedly girly that even a cold–hearted man like me could feel something for this smattering of cervidae scrub. What tributes may I give her beyond a smile in return, and a website with which to show her? It's an image less context, like this contextless site; those looking for justification to crawl up her back and meet her at her glimmering eye are those without the soul necessary to appreciate her. And also her, ahem, modest tail.

The original suffered from a bad case of the gradients, requiring a hack job of everything that wasn't our dear. Nuking the cube and all the lighting on top loses the sense of place that the piece provides, leveraging instead an ethereal, "Web art" feel, like it popped out of the deepest recesses of our culture on some far–off image board. It's modern, to be certain, though less dated than the original's decidedly 2015s feel. Gone is the marshmallow and graham cracker fur, replaced instead by hot cocoa and whipped cream. The green strap is gone. The ruby eye is gone. Instead we have a piece made more artificial, though more disciplined. All hacks have tradeoffs. Whether this tradeoff is worth it is up to you.

Date: 2017–02–01. Size: 6,676 bytes. Colours: Six.

Upscaled Dimensions: 700×1086. Original Dimensions: 350×543.