A crude headshot portrait of an aggressively grinning pointy-eared lad with blue hair, goggles on, and a white shirt, a pistol pointed at his throat.

He Does It!

Splat Tim is at it again! This time as a bootleg Johnny Bravo with blue hair and nihilistic elfism. Nobody points a gun at themselves unless they're either a dadaist performance artist or ironically posing for a meme — OH NO.

This picture crudely hacked together thanks to Katribou, who makes really poppy art which you should really check out. The bold streaks of the original piece is sadly lost thanks to yours truly fucking it all up with his personal philosophy of "everything except pixels can suck their mom in the back alley". I'm just kidding, Katribou. Don't look back there.

I promised myself I wouldn't write as much this time, as spending two hours per update was just too much for me to stomach. I came at this project with the philosophy that I would write things like a professional art critic, displaying things in lurid detail, themes that others may only touch on and yet never describe beautifully, and yet I believe I've stuck to that philosophy in one out of ten entries. That one being my first one.

Well, let's give it a shot. Staring at the original piece is like taking a big sniff out of those scented pencils you'd buy in individual plastics — a nostalgic scent, not unpleasant, not entirely natural, though an experience not quite entirely unlike anything you've ever experienced. The different being that the scent fades away, and your nostrils try to slurp up even more cotton candy and strawberry smells. But your eyes are disciplined. They know what pleases them. And Katribou's art is just plain that; pleasing, disciplined, and an experience.

There is indeed something pleasing about this extract of that hard work, especially given my own hard work in making this piece free of any important flaws. Art is never about being perfect; it's about demonstrating an expression of yourself in the most sincere way given the context. This piece shows off my discipline in clean pixels and skill in making compromises given the original intent of the artist to make Splat Tim Do It. Or you could just call me a meme–loving fuck. Your choice.

This is actually (or was actually, if you're an old fart by the time you read this) my Fur Affinity avatar. Of course, nothing is actually going on there. If Splat Tim Does It, but nobody is around to see it, does He Really Do It? What if he Does It All? Hmmmmmm…

Date: 2017–02–10. Size: 964 bytes. Colours: 4.

Upscaled Dimensions: 1000×1000. Original Dimensions: 100×100.