Judy Hopps from Zootopia clenching her fists and howling.


So I was showing my boy toy from yesterday (who will be eternally pissed I called him my “boy toy” despite having no romantic affiliation with him whatsoever, causing him the eternal embarassment of having known me for but one day) the blog post I made yesterday to see how his feelings towards me changed from yesterday, and surprise suprise, he’s still eternally pissed… so the I showed him today’s post.

He was like, “wow. Wow. Wow,” and three more variations of this in different intonations. “The fucking rabbit!” And I was explaining about how the last version was hacked together in five minutes for a one–off joke, and he was enjoying it, as much as one can enjoy it while getting memed on.

“Is this going to be some furry shit?” he asked. “No,” I replied. “But it’s furry–inclusive.” And then he put his face into his palms, realising that this gallery would indeed be some furry shit.

To be fair, calling Zootopia furry is kind of like calling his mother a whore. While it’s true more men have been inside her than a gynecologist’s whole career, she’s not doing it for money; she’s doing it because she likes getting dicked down worse than a bitch at the breeding kennel. Same for Disney. They’re not blatantly pandering to furries, they just knew that furries would make them a fat paycheck in the after–gross merch. If anything, it’s furry–lite.

Basically I’m telling Chad to suck a fox cock. That’s what you get for not watching Lucky Star with me in the men’s room.

The Bune Offensive

You may think I’m being a lazy bugger just sitting here and taking all the work and then uploading it all bosh. Well, that’s what I originally did, when I took this work and then uploaded here all bosh for the sake of Strata’s own rabbit.html. If I had a lazy state–of–mind, I would have just taken the original and featured it without any changes. But I’m not. This can be proven by the fact that I didn’t take the original and featured it without any changes.

Have you ever heard of Aliasing Hell? It’s the horrible period of time after you get the resizing done, but before you can make any substantial changes, where all you’re doing is just going through and removing each and every odd–coloured pixel and adjusting them to fit whatever is closest. If the artist is generous, sometimes it’s as simple as selecting all of a colour and deleting it. But if not, it’s a labourious, manual, focus–intensive project that gets no appreciation.

Why alias? Because aliasing, as fans of 0012 will know, cuts down the filesize like Chad’s mother the fucker. When we’re dealing with such small resolutions, where every pixel is blown up to at least double its size, every odd–coloured pixel looks… odd. Leaving the imperfections in the piece when they’re blatantly noticeable leads to work that looks unprofessional, and that’s no good. If you didn’t read that in Sonic the Hedgehog’s voice, you’re a Chad.

Perhaps I do worry for the day where each and every piece will cause me to suffer during its creation, as is happening now. Spending two hours on each update may prove a special type of dedication, though it is also very draining. For somebody like to me to have so many projects, it is necessary to work on all of them. Though, collectively, they all suffer from the malnourishment.

I have learned the hard way there is no picture I may post that will not cause me to spend a significant amount of time and effort working on it. I realise that I am forced to leave a legacy, and not just a collection of paragraphs. I pray the day comes where this legacy pays off.

With thanks to the artist brokenlynx21, I will not let my memes be dreams. Unlike Chad.

Date: 2017–02–18. Size: 3,274 bytes. Colours: 6.

Upscaled Dimensions: 432×500. Original Dimensions: 216×250.