Five pencil sketches of smiling cartoon berries, labelled “Acerola Lincoln”, “Frankli Goji Berry Roosevelt”, “Acai Washington”, “Pitaya Obama”, and “John F. Graviola Kennedy”.


Wow hey the source is NSFW.

“Wow, Froge has really set the bar low for this blog lately,” you say, as I slowly walk up behind you with a suspicious–looking handkerchief while wearing a T–shirt saying “Just Fuck my Shit Up and Also I Love my Wife and the Canadian Armed Forces”, with a poorly–compressed picture of Renamon and Krystal holding turkey basters and trying to physically inflate each other while wearing ninja costumes. It is never specified which is my wife.

Fair enough, I suppose, given how it’s another one of those posts where you JPEG to win. I thought the Iranian dude would have been enough for one lifetime, but nope! All the other art on my PC is furry stuff, and I gotta bring some balance to this website before I get blocked in Germany, so Strata can finish his morning routine. By the way Strata, I can’t fulfill your T–shirt order this week on account of somebody being murdered in it. Or on it.

So imagine my pleasant surprise to have bore witness to this masterpiece by none other than… Pegawolf? No! The furry menace returns — wait, she changed her name to Miss Butler. Let’s just ignore her furry comic and her axolotl boyfriend, which 2011 bornies will rememeber as All Levels at Once. No! The curse returns!

Why would I feature this nonsense instead of one of her other fabulous works? Well, there was that one period of time where I made a 3,000 word review of the work in one day. Then two days later I made an 8,000 word review of Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie: The Game. That review had everything; an escape from ISIS, the satiricisation of Christian dogma, TAS–level tech, a dissertation on level design, and a brief overview of the scripting syntax for Earthbound.

Froghand… Froghand was an experience.

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Date: 2017–02–20. Size: 8,105 bytes. Colours: All.

Upscaled Dimensions: 368×500. Original Dimensions: 368×500.