Fluttershy, a yellow–furred pegasus with pink mane, standing on hind legs angrily grasping a double–barreled shotgun, her pet rabbit smugly wearing sunglasses while perched on her head.


After having subjected myself to two straight hours of full–frontal nudity in an attempt to induce a lewd dream, purely for scientific reasons I assure you, I found my results negative and my soul wanting, causing me to think of cat girls throughout the day. My second experiment revolved around how much spaghetti I could eat without my bowels lining themself up and committing a ceremonial sacrifice to Ru the Ancient One. Not withstanding the endless amounts of high–quality poetry–in–prose I've given you, it would be nice to stick with the three–paragraph format yet again.

At the same time as I tell spaghetti stories, I am forced to educate you in some small way so that you may come out a better person than when I found you, because anybody may entertain, though it takes someone special to be insightful. To teach is to give somebody the privilege to know, and knowledge is the key to all survival. There are few things greater in the world than to change somebody's life and never meet them in your own. We must take never never to abuse this privilege, and we must always change for the better.

So anyway, here's Fuffershy by Kitchiki.

With a Guns.


…oh, screw it. I'm going to sleep.

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