An advertisement for Lily’s Flower Garden, featuring a pixel art rendition of a pink–furred horse with yellow hair looking right.


Oh, no. By Chaos itself, have mercy on me. Out of all the possibilities that are being presented to the amassment of sensory information that makes up the entity known as me, I am not entertaining the possibility of staying up until 02:00 editing somebody else’s work. I’m not going to have a seizure like those kids who die playing Starcraft.

Why can’t I plan my entires in advance like I did when I first started this gallery? Is it because I keep spending time finding the best of the best work that I want on my blog, when I eventually realise that such time eventually leads to no work being made at all? Is it because I spend more time on nonsense than I bargain for? Is it because I keep eating dinner hours before I actually go to bed, and thus feel sleepy the whole time?

Asking these questions is taking up the time I would spend sleeping. I wish there was some old piece of art I made way back when so that I can create as simple as an update as I may.

Oh, I’m im second in this row? Already? So that can only mean one thing…

Happy Flag Frogeday, where we once again drag some shitty symbolism out of the depths of Hell for your viewing pleasure. Today there is none. It was made for a horse, and here’s the source. Anyway, that’s Flag Frogeday, hope you enjoyed it. Also, stay tuned for my inevitable dream journal, in which I knock out a movie attendent for no adequately explained reason only to come back five minutes later like nothing had ever happened but still feel ashamed when he smiles at me.

Note: the dream journal was a joke. These dreams are copyrighted. No stealing [RAUCIOUS LAUGHTER OUTSIDE THE STUDIO COMMENCES].

Date: 2017–03–18. Size: 333 bytes. Colours: 5.

Upscaled Dimensions: 704×256. Original Dimensions: 88×32.