Two female cuddling unicorns, one pink and one blue, standing up and supporting each others weight, the pink one kissing the other on her cheek.



After showing one of my boy toys this lovely little gallery, especially rabbit.html, they called me a degenerate. Then I showed them Degenerates. And then he flipped me off. So rude! I suppose he was one step away from calling it cringe, but then that would just be too rude. It would have done them some good to see this piece by InuHoshi–to–DarkPen, making them join the herd while I run away to shitpost on /mlp/.

Anyway, I keep thinking about this phrase that was in one of Pan–Pizza's comment sections, where somebody was calling his old video cringe, and he was like "cringe for something, or die for nothing". I have to say this is a very wise life philosophy; everybody at some point in time does something their damn most cringeworthy. In fact, I would ration out some fear and pity for those who did not, at some point in time, cringe for something. Because those who don't? They die for nothing.

I feel nothing but pity for those who spent their time on the "cringe anarchy" and the "cringe compilations", having diluted the phrase down to the point where nothing, anymore, is truly cringeworthy. In fact, the phrase is simply a way to bully people outside of your in–group for doing something you don't approve of. And if you are a bully, who simply insults people and offers nothing constructive to them, who doesn't do anything of value or contribute to their own group, have meaningless opinions… It's best for them not to speak at all.

Anything can be cringe nowadays. Anything. I'm cringe, you're cringe, the neighbours are cringe, my dog is cringe, and your mom is cringe. Calling something cringe has turned into a buzzword for edgy teenagers and scumbags to gather around like moths to the candlelight flicker. It's used to make fun of people you don't know and will never meet and have absolutely nothing to do with. It's a word used when you have nothing constructive to say about the person or their decisions, and so you just call it cringe.

There are situations where a man needs to be calm, collected, and with a sharp mind in order to escape out of without his dignity ripped to shreds. A man needs passive poise to avoid such situations in the first place. And certainly a man knows the difference between the fake cringe of somebody behaving in a mildly socially unacceptable manner, and the very real cringe of seeing somebody close to you slowly lose their mind, online or in real life, forever altering the way you think of them. People who focus on fake cringe as a problem as opposed to the real cringe that society wants very much to avoid are, obviously, without the life experience necessary to contribute to the discourse of cringe.

Living a life without cringe is a life without maturity. It's a life sheltered from the hideous ebbings of the world, where content like gore, racism, depraved fetishes, animal abuse, nightmare fuel, torture, and the eternal competition to make the worst of the worst of these themes, just because we can, is certain to make all but the most jaded veteran of the deep web have their stomachs churn, their balls shrivel up, and their eyes shut tighter than a super–glued twat. Super–glued twat? Yes, that is cringeworthy.

Ignoring this does not make it go away. To indulge in it, if even for a moment, is to understand the privilege that you have for so long to be able to ignore it, like the rest of normal society. It desensitises you to the horrors of humanity and allows you to get past your initial shock and disgust and allow yourself to think rationally about such things. It allows the mind to grow and expand and think about ways to fix the wrongs of the world, as well as providing more than enough motivation to improve yourself to the point where such things never happen to you. The modern world has sheltered us from this. It would do anybody some good to get past their fear and un–shelter themselves.

The fake cringe of lesbian horses has absolutely no comparison whatsoever to the real cringe experienced by someone who has had to live first–hand with abusive parents and a family that wasn't interested in helping. The shock of your first screamer, or the sadness experienced by seeing something made in sick humour, is all part of maturing. The non–shock and non–sadness experienced through seeing something as innocent as two My Little Pony characters cuddling… all who would call this "cringe" are those who do not deserve their words.

Fake cringe caused by a culture you're not experienced with is a sign of fake maturity and a false understanding of what cringe really is. Real cringe is divine; it is the understanding that you have seen something, which in a perfect world, need not exist. It's understanding that you can move past that and grow as a person. It's trusting yourself enough to grow. You either cringe for something, or you die for nothing. And those who don't cringe, don't die proud.

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