Four gangly figures facing off in a colourful dance floor scene.


Having just done Shane Frost, you might think it’s a misstep to feature him so soon after McPerson. Well, I made a lot of points on that post, and a lot of points for yesterday’s, and I can write nothing more than the tired and old adage of “writing is hell.” While it is not painful, it is exhausting, and to focus on writing for any stretch of time longer than a half-hour is focusing on how dry your mouth gets and how much your wrists can handle before they eventually give out and force you to dictate everything to the magic box which you base all your hobbies around.

I request something simple — or as simple as it can be, given Shane F. Frost (the F stands for “fucking”). I don’t want to discredit either him or myself by continuing to refer to his work as meaningful primarily to him, though I don’t believe there is much to explain here. Is it really so hard to believe an artist makes things just because they think they look cool?

Editing this image was also hell, not because it was tough to hack together, but because I was the victim of a nasty anti–aliasing attack. The majority of the work was cleaning up spare pixels that were left behind after a messy, messy background removal and downscale. Anybody who thinks this work is effortless is really fooling themselves, though I would expect no more from those who talk instead of work.

…and you might want to put a black background on the picture.

Date: 2017–03–09. Size: 3,186 bytes. Colours: 6.

Upscaled Dimensions: 750×600. Original Dimensions: 250×200.