A flag with dark blue, a bend sinister, with two cyan triangles flanking sinister base and dexter chief, with a light green arrow between them pointing to the upper fly.


Hello, everybody! I'm super proud to present this brand new flag I made for my good friend Strata, and all the symbolism it represents! I stayed up really late on it and thought about it all through the day, so let's not waste any time and —

“Fuck me, look at this boy going on about stupid shit no–one cares about, with interests more autistic than a speedrunner's convention and as narrow as his urethra. Why won't he post things that matter to his audience instead of being an entitled little shit and wasting my time?”


You're a meanie!

Entitled shit:

So anyway the background represents the fall of communism in Germany, the slant represents two countries being torn apart by differing ideaologies, the green arrow represents the bridge between two entirely different, though tangibly related nation–states, and the colours represent the average colours of every single heraldic crest of the Kingdom of Germany.

“That sounds like bullshit.”

Thanks for your opinion, theoretical construct, but I've been using quotation marks since I was a baby, and I don't think you deserve to be in them anymore.

It's interesting to note the symbolic contrast between the dates of publication of both the Fahne and the Autósvlag. 31 represents the misery of growing up as an adult, having to live their entire childhood ostracised for having a condition that went undiagnosed for decades, only coming to terms with the ugly word “autism” once they entered the prime of their life, everything coming clear to them in a great haze of self–reflection and alcohol, and yet still never quite coming to terms with it. The odd–one out.

36 is how many inches I've got. Am I right, fellas?

I bloody love this blog.

Date: 2017–03–13. Size: 223 bytes. Colours: 3.

Upscaled Dimensions: 704×256. Original Dimensions: 88×32.