A My Little Pony characture painting of an orange-skinned horse with luscious black hair fading into the pink background, pierced ears perked up, looking behind her with tears in her starry eyes and down her nose and on her ivory arm.

Pony OC

It’s is a myth as unknown as the artist as to why Silva Hound, creator of the most consistently excellent, ageless, and innovative music in the brony production scene — as well as house music et al. — cast off his most excellent work, a technicolour dreamcoat of unfiltered talent and Daft – Punk inspired beats, to adopt a new reputation for work that, though they have the same recipe of what make him great, use all the wrong ingredients and as a result leaves a blank and unremarkable taste in your mouth. A shadow of a great man.

Silva Hound does house; he does it extremely well. He’s been doing it for years, and though the results are not always positive, they are rarely negative. His formula of bass, build – up, hook, buildup, breakdown, bass, and cutout, is one that in the hands of an uninspired artist would lead to music that earns little interest and sustains none at all. We have in our midst an artist that has taken inspiration from his forefathers, a lot in fact, to the point where a song without a sample is a rarity and is even more remarkable when it all goes right.

I may describe his current work, but I have no business doing so because I was not introduced to that and will instead talk about what I was. The Pony OC EP, with no uncertain air, is good. Damn good. Damn, damn, good, good, damn, good, damn. It was good sometime before 2013 when its release date was lost to history. It was good in 2015 when my tastes matured and I got out of the pony ghetto. Now it’s 2017, where I have seen the best of what house has to offer me, the Underworlds and the Fatboy Slims and the Giorgio Moroders, and seeing how this humble 45 – minute record excels while under their watchful eye is one of many reminders that there is beauty in this world, extraordinary beauty, that we will never see because it is not presented to us. And, uniquely, none of its three guest artists are a waste of space.

Perhaps the progenitor of what I affectionately call “Silva Hound House,” with its winning formula based off a consistent progression while giving every part something unique to say, thought that the My Little Pony branding was hurting his image, like his community was cramping his style. Well Silva, as a well – spoken member of my former community, you aren’t. Every work that you have purged, from the cocaine – disco of Diamond Mint, to the legendary thrust of Bon Bon, with the wistfulness of Celestia and the listlessness of Cherry Punch, brings respect to who you are and where you came from — two things that matter most for an artist.

It matters not to me if an album has bikini – clad horses on it, or bundled with it is bartending recipes based on the songs named after the horses the drinks are based after. For good music is good music, no matter how silly the circumstances, and no matter how many clips from a children’s cartoon you throw in there. There is cringe out there, and trust me when I say that you are, with little exception, one of the least such. And those who are afraid of a little discomfort, a little out – of – the – ordinary, are those who are afraid to seize life and all its opportunities. You either cringe for something, or die for nothing.

Rarely do I offer decrees to my audience. But I must. If you have any interest in good house, any interest in dance, save his work before it goes down. Of course, there is some chaff with the wheat, as the duds of the “furry ×” albums attest. Here’s a youtube – dl script to download all the singles; the albums are at the very bottom of the archive, with high – quality downloads.

youtube-dl --match-filter "duration < 780" -x --audio-quality 0 -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" --playlist-reverse -w https://www.youtube.com/user/SilvaHoundArchive1/videos

This album art, taken from the Pony OC EP, is famous in my mind and nowhere else. With a single horse, it represents the intrigue of a story, the dignity of good art, and the lovingly sloppy work of an artist who cares about what they do. It hits you with pink and warms you with blue tears and starry eyes. It’s primal and emotional without being manipulative; it is graceful. For some time in the creation of Silva Hound’s art, he brought with it a thing of beauty, small though powerful, that I can only share. It was a trend of its time… and it is ageless.

Date: 2017–03–26. Size: 9,589 bytes. Colours: 12.

Upscaled Dimensions: 600×800. Original Dimensions: 300×400.