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Limited palette headshot portrait of Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a purple unicorn with mauve, rose, and midnight blue coloured hair, and sparkles.

I read a conspiracy theory fan theory that James Bond referred to a codename and not an actual person. This is one fan theory I can get behind, seeing as it explains the existence of multiple Double–0 agents and the different incarnations of the James Bond character. If James Bond 007 is considered one of the best agents in the world, I shudder to think of what skillset comes from abc002310. I wonder what bugs they fixed over two thousand and three hundred versions? The alcoholism? The tendency to get captured by any old Tom, Dick, and Harry? The ability to get shot off a train at 100kmph and drown at the bottom of a waterfall and be perfectly fine the next day — wait, that’s a feature. Or perhaps the development team lost sight of the original goal to make the perfect secret agent, instead creating the perfect artist. Not quite there, yet! But you’ve sure made a good one. Also here’s Twilight Sparkle. Magic balloon not included (only 2011 bornies rememeber).

Featured in: 0013 Brionne

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A headshot portrait of a drunk tan–furred meerkat with blue highlights.

I have no shortage of artists I can describe as “blatantly furry”, but Alec8ter continues to add to this deck of cards, this bag of gags, this forced metaphor, of artists that cause me to drift further and further away from the prospect of getting a real job. Among their talents are drawing Zootopia characters, being a fan of Zootopia, and sounding like Terrance & Phillip, but I’ll leave that latter one to your imagination. The best I can describe their art as is simultaneously fucking rediculous and kinky as all get out (if you know where to find their porn, WINK WONK). The meerkat in the avatar is their zoosona, which is apparently a word and I am no longer afraid to die.

Featured in: 0029 Mae

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Blue raven figure on a black background.

Alfa995 is a popufur artist and animator defined by their simultaneous exploitation and coy awareness of the concept known as "lewd". Their cartoonish colours and exaggerated faces only mask the underlying sexuality, as emphasised by their dignified anatomy and poses that emphasise their voluptuous figures. Blimey, that’s a lot of adjectives — same as Alfa has a lot of animations. Perhaps this is the reason why they’re so popular. They know what people want to see, and gives it to them: just enough sex appeal to keep their tongues out and their toes curled.

Featured in: 0000 Deer Butt

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