Artists named "B"

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A creature that looks like a marshmallow unicorn with cyan hair and a yellow backdrop lying down.

So, Blitzdrachin. The One Who Lewds The Drachins. They’re famous for a few things. One, they publish artwork constantly and with a high amount of effort put into each one, which is given away by virtue of it not being shit. Two, they make a lot of pornography, porn which I’d call really good, though I’m already used to the art style so it doesn’t make me want to strip down and fuck the nearest tree. Three, they make some real nice animation; where most artists would adopt a different style for this frankly nattering discipline, they go the extra mile and make every frame like one of their paintings. If I wasn’t already a jaded and hardened critic, I’d call them a tremendous artist. But for somebody who has already seen it all, it takes somebody that goes above and beyond all convention. This little dragon (NSFW) comes close to that ideal.

Featured in: 0043 Bad Dreams

NSFW Fur Affinity · NSFW Tumblr


A close–up of a brown-furred wolf girl with yellow eyes and orange hair.

Brokenlynx21 is a digital artist. “Wow, slow the fuck down, Quincy. Next you’re going to tell me they have a blog.” In fact, they do! They also host artwork on that blog. And also drawings. Of ladies. In typical pin–up garb… Alright, alright, excuse me if I’m not entirely into the idea of doing a profile on an artist I barely know and comes from a 4chan culture that’s mutually incompatible with mine (at least until /trash/ came along like a bastard child). I realise one of the challenges of cartoons is keeping a consistent, simple, and still–recognisable art style, though you shouldn’t take the first adjective as a challenge! The artist’s e926 portfolio is notorious for taking the “not furry” tag and extending it to its logical extreme, though there’s still some furry work on there. Like this girl (NSFW)! It’s may be discount furry, but it’s still furry.

Featured in: 0016 Bune

NSFW Tumblr


An angry tan man wearing a grey suit looking like a condor.

Ah, BrasioPkmn. What can be said about BrasioPkmn?

I dunno. Oh, also, I’m not allowed to use his art.

Featured in: 0034 Pop Queen

SFW DeviantART

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