Artists named "D"

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A close – up of a green cat's face looking extremely rambunctious, a cross between Chen from Touhou and Nepeta from Homestuck.

Bronies are like nickles; they look worthless, but you keep picking them up because you know they all add up to something. dsp2003 isn’t a nickle artist; not even a dime artist. They are one quarter of all the silly fandoms and three quarters of the slightly less silly ones, so that makes them one big loonie. And I like loonies, for without a little bit of loonie, you become like everyone else, and history has shown us that they are boring. If the artist’s goal is to amuse me, they’ve done it, their three – quarter horses carrying the weight and the rest scooping up the charity titters. I guess I’m forced to laugh with someone who can draw this cat, which is one of the few things I’m grateful to Homestuck for.

Featured in: 0047 Cheerie

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