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George Bellows

A bloody head in the darkness looking up.

Oh, hell, yet another real–life painter that died a hundred years ago, because those are so rare nowadays. George Bellows emphasises Statesian life more than any other artist: unremarkable and a little bit banal. Of course, that was a hundred years ago, so certainly the current situation of everything going to shit is at least slightly more exciting. And by “exciting”, I mean “fuck”. Wikipedia calls him “the most acclaimed American artist of his generation”. So it sure was courteous of George Bellows to leave some room for improvement, am I right fellas? That was supposed to be read like I was telling a joke at a strip club… oh, forget it.

Featured in: 0022 Peacemakers

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A poorly–drawn teddy bear sketch on a yellow background.

Go, go, Goshaag! Goshaag really is proof of what you can achieve if you aren’t afraid to work your ass off and try something new. In just a few years, they’ve transformed their art from charmingly cheeky cartoons (and porn) into eye–gawkingly beautiful character pieces (and porn). His work is extremely cute in an unconventional way, which is an extremely good trait when it comes to porn, and has recently taken a turn into being extremely professional, even the porn in some respects. I bring up the porn not because I’m a pervert (it’s called art!), but because there were multiple nudie pics from him which put my ass to sleep when I was thirteen, and continues to do so every few months. Don’t blame me — blame the Glaceon! Blame the shitty bear!

Featured in: 0040 Tikal

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