Artists named "K"

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A close–up headshot portrait of Ness from Earthbound with a puppet–like smile, in warm hues.

Katribou has two pages of Splat Tim in their Tumblr, and that’s all you need to know about this artist. Nah, that’s just cruel. But how does one sum up this darling gun fetishist (notwithstanding “PK straight–up murder”)? Well, their work is like having all the highlighters you ever wanted as a kid, as made by a hand who places each stroke precisely, and still with the wonderful (that’s wonder as in actual wonder) playfulness of all their work, mixing together medium and tone in a way that would make your art teacher shit thyself. It’s obvious their work means a lot to them… no artist could draw like a kid and never be mature. I’m happy it means a lot to you. Having the privilege to see your work means a lot to me, too.

Featured in: 0009 He Does It!

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A cool brown–furred deer wearing sunglasses and a backwards black cap.

I wish I could say I didn’t know anybody as obsessed with big cats as Kitchiki, but then life is full of disappointments strung between long peaks of excellence. I’m proud of them for having a clear direction to go in, even if I’ll never understand Disney fetishism due to Naomi Klein taking all the fun out of mindless corporate obedience. If all you want is innocent gay ferals, then check it the heck out. Sadly I have been tainted with sin and cannot enjoy such work without at least one cock shot. Sin! Sin! Sin while your life is burning! Also there’s Swag Bambi, which is two words I never thought I’d see written down. Here’s another two: “Mercantile Infant”.

Featured in: 0026 Gun

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