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Louis Wain

Greyscale headshot sketch of a frowning cat with ragged fur and a huge circular nose.

Even if you have no idea who this bloke is, you’ve probably experienced his work. Here’s a hint: he’s been drawing exclusively cats for his entire life. Louis Wain is an oddity in that and many other ways, developing his skills to the point where he could represent any cat in any form, completely realistic or totally abstract. His later life was marred by a series of asylums, and his work is most often used as an example of how abstract you can make a subject before it becomes removed from the original. He is an artist that is notorious to those who are aware of his life’s work and his life’s story. We must use him an as example, good and bad, for our own lives. But for good luck, here’s one of his more traditional cartoons.

Featured in: 0030 Buntkatz

SFW Wikipedia

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