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Nina Paley

A skull in a black cloak representing Death.

Oh finally, an artist I can write about without stalking their gallery first! Nina Paley is one of the artists that you never hear about until you're browsing the depths of Wikipedia writing a scholarly article, but then wonder where the hell they've been all your life. Her work is that just right combination of sardonic, smart, self-aware, and satirical that lends inspiration to college libertarians everywhere, as well as women who want their personality legitimised beyond "girl". Unlike college liberatarians, she knows what she's talking about. After the copyright clusterfuck of Sita Sings the Blues leaving the whole concept bitter to her, she wrote several manifestos about copyright abolition. Frankly, I agree. The whole concept reeks of individual entitlement, and as the Danish say, "you are not better than the rest of us". By the way, that's Death in the picture (tiddy warning). Sadly she is not a skeleton IRL.

Featured in: 0010 Originality · 0025 Perfect

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