Artists named "S"

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A rabbit girl with cream–coloured fur looking left, wearing a tan trench coat.

There are many works of art that makes me feel things within me that I may easily explain. Sometimes I feel excited, othertimes relaxed. There is art that gives me inspiration and art that gives me despair. Sometimes it is cute, sometimes it is sweet, and sometimes it is profound. s1120411, also known as Yagi, is one of the few artists I can well and truly describe as refreshing. They understand the delicacy of colour and the expression of lines to create some of the most unabashedly original work I’ve ever seen, including this rabbit. Do they tend to cover the same subjects? Sure. But I’d much rather have an artist that does one thing and does it really well than have an artist that tries to do everything and ends up creating nothing.

Featured in: 0021 Doggy Girl

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Shane Frost

A jolly red demon with slit eyes, cute fangs, long ears, and a big necklace with four beads facing right and smiling.

Shane Frost came at me like a boy getting familiar with a foam pit, all strange and comfortable and whatnot, which is a truly convincing jape he pulled on me to try to ignore his surreal and uncontainable artwork. Although you won’t find anything that is directly confusing, you will find yourself slowly and slowly falling into a pattern of intrigue about the bloke that will cause you to consider just what in the world you’re doing with your own life. It’s inspirational, and it’s like dying — but a dream. It's undistilled ideas put in a tangible form, and there is brilliance in this method. And then there’s the demon.

Featured in: 0027 McPerson · 0032 Dance

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