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A skull in a black cloak representing Death.

Is Trout a trout? Sadly not! But they are a truly respectable artist, adopting the aliasing style and running with it to become the very picture of the trend today. Well, respectable if you’re okay with tons of porn, but who isn’t these days? Their work is big, bold, blocky, and bubbly, featuring colours so bright and so in–your–face that few other people can compete with the initial impact of seeing their work. It dominates the scene, and with the artist’s clear appreciation for the characters and work they create, it’s hard not to be a fan. Well, they’re popular, and they’re also proficient, and combined with the porn… whoosh! I don’t know what the whoosh means. Use your imagination. Also, the lizard is from "Touchy Feely", which you shouldn’t do either of.

Featured in: 0012 The Heist

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Tyson Tan

A headshot portrait of an android rabbit looking right.

Tyson Tan is a furry nerd who you may know as Tyson Tan the man who made the KDE dran… gon. Also the Krita squirrel, one of his many designs that hit you like a brick and leaves an impression on you for life. Tyson Tan, the furry fan, is noted for his extraordinary avant–garde designs and his use of candy–coated colours that so few people appropriate. His combination of many different techniques (line/less, mono/chrome, s/g/fur) creates an aesthetic that’s instantly recognisable. In addition, he’s also a free software using nerd, which makes him one of us. Let’s hope Tyson Tan, the man who can install the DRAM, continues to have an excellent life, so he may make excellent work.

Featured in: 0008 Magic Stylus · 0035 Konqui · 0048 Hinotori

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