Empty space.

Tiny GIF

People, people. Do not adjust your browsers — the space is supposed to be a little bit… corrupted. What you're bearing witness to is the world's tiniest gif, and most likely the smallest image in the world.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. There's a difference between creating something remarkable because of the circumstances of its creation, and the end product that comes out of it. A 1×1 GIF that won't even load half the time? Riveting.

Also obligatory pimp for the Tomb of the Unknown Artist. There are people out there (cough) who make work that strikes that just right balance between being a clever hack and still being astonishing. This unknown artist just hacked away with no regard for human life. They set out to do what they accomplished… but at what cost?

The cost is pissing off my audience by being devoid of any actual content. See you tomorrow!

Date: 2017–02–05. Size: 26 bytes. Colours: Zero.

Upscaled Dimensions: 512×512. Original Dimensions: 1×1.