Artists named "M"

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Martinus Rørbye

A worried–looking and realistic brown–furred dog staring to the right.

The long–dead Danish artist Martinus Rørbye is notorious for his ability to make people copy and paste the “ø” symbol because his family couldn’t be good sports and have an English heritage. Because of the awkward handicap of dying in 1852, Mr. Rørbye did not leave behind a blog that we may see his scraps on, and so you can’t message him the hottest Danish memes, unless you truly believe in ghosts. Despite being a really incredibly good artist, with knowledge of composition and lighting like few others, he will spend the rest of history being known as the guy who never won the Royal Danish Academy large gold medal. Rest in peace, you small–medal–holding fuck. Also, the dog comes from Arrestbygningen ved råd — og domhuset, and if you could read that on your first try I’ll suck your dick out back.

Featured in: 0003 View from the Artist’s Window

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Miss Butler

A white girl with brunette hair stares to the left with those big–old eyes.

Miss thing, miss thing, miss thing, miss thing, she happed upon her diamond ring… Oh, this is no time for obscure house songs. But it is time for the not–so–obscure artist Miss Butler, who once again suffers from the furry–lite subculture, and is also free 2 good hoem. Unlike the typical bad cartoonist, who is content to languish in the same barely–noticeable style, Miss Butler’s drawings are always, always, full of personality. It takes a great degree of skill to make even a sketch look like a hundred–dollar drawing, which I admire. Also, she has exceptionally generous commission prices. Check her out!

Featured in: 0018 Berries

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