Artists named "R"

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Randall Munroe

Six–legged spider on a cube with a grid on its faces.

The earliest days of xkcd, touched by Randall Munroe, were their most sincere; often unfunny, yet with enough personality to make the effort sweet, helped along by an art style that showed a lot of vulnerability. Later comics would retain the pitch–black humour combined with the contrasting principles of bitterness and love. Over the course of eleven years, Randall has drawn the entirety of the human experience: the absurdities, the sorrow, the facts–of–life, yet always with a wry cheekiness that never alienates. Unfortunately, Randall lost touch of the human experience which made his comics great, focusing instead on "never alienates". Nowadays his work is composed of inoffensive, unexceptional comics designed to be shared on Reddit. Icarus has never flown so low.

Featured in: 0001 Jealousy · 0017 ISO 8601

SFW website (except for that one time)


A crudely-drawn all-white rat standing up and staring at you from the side.

Riotmode can riot my modes, thanks to the wide variety of pixel art styles this pixel art stylist has created. Whether they dabble in minimalism or maximalism, in blocky characters or choice cuts, the inexperience of the artist shows in their lack of output and often-messy linework, but that's just one step towards creating a style all their own. Looking through their gallery really shows you just how much one person can adapt given a very adaptable medium, and they really do the concept of pixel art proud. It's not like I can claim to understand who this is, or what the future of their work may be, but I have learned from experience that the future gravitates towards the positive. So let's all put our heads down, our asses up, and pray towards the Sun, as they walk out of the sex shop, looks at us, and licks their lips.

Featured in: 0007 Valleyburn

SFW Tumblr · SFW e926 · SFW Patreon ($15 is fucking nothing mates)

NSFW FurAffinity

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